Dropshipping Program
There is a one time set up fee of $75.00 which covers the processing of your application. This fee will be refunded if you are not approved.
The first month is free when you sign up for our program. After this time, you will be charged, around the 1st of each month, a monthly fee of $30( plus tax), each month you do not sell a minimum of $100 in drop ship merchandise (shipping charges not included, merchandise valued at wholesale cost). In reality, you will only need to sell on average, 3-4 items per month to reach this threshold. These charges are necessary to cover our costs for maintaining and updating the drop ship program.
Why a fee?  Quite simply, we are only interested in doing business with people who are serious about running a business.  If you work your business and work hard, you shouldn’t have to pay a monthly fee, because you will easily be able to meet the $100 minimum.  We are looking for committed individuals who are going to provide professional service to their customers.  This fee helps keep out those who are uncommitted or don’t have what it takes to be in business.
You credit card will be charged the wholesale price, shipping costs and taxes of any baskets you order, as well as the monthly and yearly fees should you not meet the minimum sales requirements. You will always receive a receipt with the exact charges to your credit card, for baskets ordered and fees charged.
You may cancel at any time, after your 6 month commitment, by removing all of our images from your site and faxing or mailing a letter requesting cancellation. Email cancellations are not accepted. Monthly fees for the month in which you cancel are non-refundable.
Minimum Yearly Commitment: As said above, we only want to work with drop shippers who are going to consistently market their business and sales. Therefore, we require drop shippers to sell a minimum of $1000 in merchandise per year. Should this minimum not be reached, drop shipper will be charged a $100 maintenance fee, charged to the credit card on file, or be removed from the program.
Wholesale(Retail Store)
There is a $75 set up fee to join our program.
Resellers must order a minimum of $300 in product for each order placed. (excluding shipping and taxes).
All information will be checked and verified before pricing is sent. We will hold this information in strictest confidence and will not share it with any other company.
Once verified, you will receive pricing. (Usually within 2 business days of initial request.)
A valid credit card will need to be provided and kept on file for all retail reseller accounts. Once approved, we will contact you for this information.
There are no monthly fees for this program. Retail re sellers DO NOT have permission to copy and/or use any of our images, descriptions or other information from our websites. If you wish to have access to these items, please join our drop ship program found here
We do not accept drop ship or re seller requests from November 1st-January 15th due to the busy season. All requests during this time will be responded to after January 15th.